Smiles. Don’t let it deceive you.

Here’s how the story goes, I was crushing on this guy for over a week because of his smile. He looked so angelic and nice that I was instantly captured by it. At that time, I thought he was super nice and maybe even a gentleman because of his smile, so I asked one of my friends who happened to know him and I got his number. 

I must be giddy out of my wits right?

Well I was, for the first few hours. Of course I was the one who texted him first, or else how could this work? He was a little skeptical at first. He was curious as to why I had his number. So I told him that a friend of mine gave it to me. I was enchanted at his smile and at the same time I want to prove if my theory was correct: that all nice guys has nice smiles. 

Unfortunately, I was wrong. The first text he sent me I knew that I was not going to like him. He’s not at my level if you know what I mean. But even so, I still pushed forward knowing that maybe I was wrong. Maybe that was only the way he texted. I must not judge someone so easily because of the way he texts right? So I didn’t. I withheld my judgement. 

We texted some more and as time goes, I found out that he wasn’t the guy I was picturing with with the angelic smile. He doesn’t have a sense of humor and he was rude! I never felt so irritated in my life. How could he not understand the joke? It was as plain as day! 

I am so annoyed. And don’t even let me start on the way he texted. Argh.

I should have listened to myself when I had still a chance. Not all nice smiles comes form nice guys. 

Too bad. He was cute too. 



(before I start writing on Day 3 of the blog challenge, I just need to get this out of my chest.)

Yesterday I went to our family dentist. She was this sweet old lady who’s like a grandmother to all of us. So yeah, on with my day. I was kind of dreading that day to come but at the same time kind if looking forward to it. Makes sense?

Anyway, the process was two to three gruesome hours with my mouth hanging open and my butt practically numb. The first thing she did was to bleach my teeth and let me tell you, it was not pretty. Uncomfortable is an understatement. Blah blah. I don’t like to remember the pain. Imagining it makes me cringe. After that these little metal things(I have no idea what they are called  nor do I care) were glued to my teeth. No pain at all right?


The pressure that the doctor put was a little too much. I just closed my eyes and imagined something else. And thus, I slept like half of the time so I don’t really remember much. Well,except for the pain.

After that I went straight to the university. My friends saw me then made fun of me. Oh yeah, what are friends for. Pft.

So here I am with braces. Haha. 


Good luck to me

Now that I have finished writing my other story, I could focus more on this blog challenge. It’s hard writing multiple stories at a time. TT^TT I’m a shitty writer but oh well at least it was done. Ha! Hopefully I’ll start on Day 3 tomorrow since it’s like what? 11pm here. 

And I have two quizzes, two assignments and I have to study for my major subject tomorrow AND let’s not forget that I have to read in advance in one of the subjects that I have currently with a monster of a teacher. 

Oh the life of a (wannabe?) writer. 

I know blog challenges needs to be taken seriously at some point that’s why it’s a CHALLENGE. But daaaaaang I have been very busy lately and I can only update every once in a while. TT^TT so anybody out there who had read day 1 of the blog challenge and wants some more I am so sorry. Please bear with me. TT^TT I’m a newbie writer. 

Writers block. That’s all I’m sayin’


Day 2

(( add characters. Describe one a lot, how does he-she looks, what does he-she do, her-his hobbies(continued from day 1))

The rain has still not stopped.

A girl not older than eighteen looked up from inside a bookstore and silently cursed at herself for not bringing her umbrella, of all times.

Nobody paid any attention to the girl staring intently at the window who silently fumes with irritation at her own negligence. Nobody was at the bookstore really save for the old lady who owns the place. Nobody really goes to places like this one.

“It’s too chaotic. Aren’t bookstores supposed to be organized?” were just some of the people’s thoughts. And fairly enough there’s not much people who even had heard of this bookstore. 

The girl gave up on staring at the grey sky. She plopped herself on one of the fluffy chairs near the red section. Why she was in the red section in the first place was beyond her.

Bending down, her hand randomly grabbed a book on one of the low level shelves then started reading. 

An irritated sigh escaped her lips as her eyes landed on the first page. Unfortunately, she picked a sappy love story. She wasn’t a fan of sappy love stories. But she couldn’t do anything about it. Her treacherous hand had picked for her. It was always her way with books. She’ll read anything  she’ll pick even if she didn’t like it. 

Scratching her head as was her habit in this kind of situation, she read on. Tendrils of black wavy hair became undone from her messy bun as she did so. Her greenish eyes with a tint of gold gazed intently at the page as she tries to absorb the plot – let alone understand the whirlwind of emotions the heroine was feeling. 

She read on with a pout on her lips. Her jean clad legs swinging from one arm of the chair as she did so, leaving her black flats on the floor. Flipping a page, she bundled closer in her favorite tweed sweater. 

She read on. The sound of the rain pounding on the window as her background music.

From the counter, the old woman smiled as she saw her only customer immersed herself in a book yet again. 

Day 1

(Create a scenario. Write about it, describe it as much as possible)

It was not an ordinary day.

Thunderous claps could be heard every now and then. Gray ominous clouds took up most of the sky this time. Flashes of distant lightning can be seen peeking from somewhere between the clouds. 

Cold harsh winds seem to blow at every five minute intervals making the trees sway in a frantic frenzy. The fallen leaves mixed in with some trash and dust would be picked up by the wind and swirl in a chaotic disarray. People all around would look at the sky with a troubled look on their faces as they hurry up to either hail a cab or just decide to walk – or in some cases run. 

Any moment now and it will rain. 

At first it started out as a slight drizzle of water dotting the pavements. And then, it turned into a full blown storm- rain water lashing out in every available area. The sound of thunder much louder than before and the wind a little bit stronger as it harshly whistles along whenever it passes. 

The remaining bystanders hurriedly took shelter under waiting sheds and some even entered random buildings for shelter as they waited for the weather to calm down a bit.

Unfortunately, it has been an hour and still no sign of slowing.