Mr. Nonexistent

Here’s a little word vomit on what has been going on inside my head lately. 

Two words: Mister. Nonexistent. 

I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I don’t even know if he’s real or not. Am I going crazy? I guess so? And no, he doesn’t drive me crazy in a romantic sense or whatever bordering on insanity just so we’re clear. I’m overly curious as to who this guys is!

Here’s the story, after that little fiasco I had with Mr. Eye-twinkling-smile I gave it another try. I usually walk from school to home(for practical purposes) when I have nothing better to do after all of my classes ended. Taking a little detour towards where my friend works, I told her about Mr. Eye-twinkling-smile and the disaster that followed. Now that I’ve think about it I may or may not have resembled an alien suffering from brain damage on the way I told her all the drama. Moving on, after I finished my little rant I asked her if she knew anyone that I can talk to and have fun conversations with. She told me she’ll tell me when she finds one. Feeling relieved, I left her place and trudged my way home feeling exhausted. 

After two days, she told me she found one. And this is what she told me:

  • He is studying at the same school as I am.
  • An engineering student. 
  • Tall, fair skinned, cute
  • Plays basketball. 
  • Extremely shy.

That was it.  I was asking her for more information but she just shook her head and smiled at me! I mean come on! Pestering her was obviously not a good choice but to hell with it! The little she-devil just smiled and laughed at me. Not a good sign. 

So here I am, almost a month later and I still haven’t found that guy. Apparently, my friend gave him my number not so long ago so I practically check my phone every ten minutes for an unknown number. Bleh. 

But here’s the frustrating bit. He already saw me but be didn’t make a move! My friend told me he was shy and whatnot. That his friends were already making fun of him. Dude, I don’t care! Just talk to me. I don’t bite. I need someone new to talk with (not that my friends are a bore or anything, I’m just looking for something but I don’t know what!). I want to shout at him “You’re not going to dance the macarena at me! Come at me bro!” Okay, that was a bit off. My friend told me that sooner or later the guy would approach me with either flowers or chocolate. What the? 

I’ll end it here. 

I think I didn’t make any sense? I don’t care. Bleh.