Will he come?

That thought kept on nagging in my head almost repeatedly. The other thoughts were more on how annoying the rain was. I hate the rain. They ruin everything. Looking down at my shoes I frowned. They were so wet and muddy all over. I haven’t been running that’s for sure. I’m not an idiot.

People huddled closer to each other making everything around me a little hot. Murmurs about how tiring it is to wait for a cab pretty much bounces off my personal bubble as I tried my best to hold them out. Sheesh, they could just wait at the other waiting shed right across the street. I was here first, anyway.

Ding. I acted like a five year old in my head. Hooray.

Taking a peek at my wrist, I counted the minutes left till he arrives. 10 more.

With a stubborn frown, I looked ahead. No use in looking around for the guy and risk looking like a stalker- or worse, desperate. But I can’t help but fidget a bit. I mean I hadn’t met the guy personally – ever. Sure, we email each other and texts  almost every day. Shouldn’t I be at least at ease with him? Even a little? Why am I having second thoughts? Am I?

Internal gasp. What if he’s a murderer?  A rapist perhaps? A drug dealer? Shit?

Now I’m starting to think that this is a VERY bad idea. I’m a cute little boy who just wants to have fun every once in a while. I’m too young to die. I breathed out a low groan. Good bye Mom and Dad. I’ll miss you guys.

Shuffling wet feet rattled me out of that little nightmare. The people were finally moving elsewhere. Thank God. I glanced around the now abandoned waiting shed. My eyes widened a little. Could this be him? I glanced back at my watch again. It’s time.  An unwanted blush smeared itself on my face.

Are you him? I wanted to ask.  Or maybe something like “Hi there handsome. Waiting for me? *wink wonk*

The guy was leaning on one of the pillars of the shed. His head slightly tilted upward. Dark hair framing his face was all it took for me to get interested. When he looked at me I suddenly let out a small squeal.

I’m acting like a girl. This is not good? Oh for fucks sake! He’s gorgeous!

I waved. That was as much of social interaction I gave the guy because he’s a stranger – which is kind of ironic. Here I am waiting for someone I only knew through chats and texts, heck I don’t even know what he looks like.

The guy just smiled. Cute. Then he went back into semi-staring at the ceiling. He must be waiting for his girlfriend. Placing his hand inside his pocket, the guy dug out his cellphone and proceeded to type or play. I really don’t know.

A beep ripped me away from thoughts of his sexy body. Yes, I have gone that far. I dug out my own phone. I blinked. Is it wrong to assume?

“Hey, I’m already here. Did you wait too long?”

“No. I’m here.” I texted back.

The guy looked at me, an eyebrow raised up delicately.

“Hi.” He said. Oh sweet baby Jesus. His voice makes me feel as if the angels from heaven had descended and blew their golden trumpets.

Calm down me. Jeez

I didn’t answer the guy right away as hard as it was. I kept on staring at him.

“Uh, Aiden? It’s you right?” This time his voice coated with uncertainty. I can almost see what was going on in his head.


“Look, sorry I thought you were someone else so um…sorry” There was slight color on his cheeks and he was  gesturing at things like crazy. Can this guy get any cuter?

“Uh yeah. Um. Aiden here. So um.” As classy as I was, I looked at the ground. I tried not to make eye contact.

Smooth move. Whatever happened to that grand speech I was working on in front of the mirror earlier? Obviously flushed down the toilet.

“Do you want to eat? My treat.” He said. His voice making me feel angels  singing again. Alleluia on my ears.

This time I looked up. And blinked. If his voice were the angels, his face was like the sky. It was too bright. And I like it.

I smiled in return.