You may call it childish or even pathetic and immature. You’ll look me in the eye with that lazy look and without even saying a word I know what you’re saying.

We’re inside this bare room; all white walls and tiles. The only furniture was the old rotten wooden chair you were sitting on. It’s not even a chair. It’s more of a throne really. An old ugly throne. Instead of a beautiful queen to be admired you’re the one sitting there. 

“Here we go again. What did you do this time?” you said. Your voice a piercing cold ring on my ears. Draping your soft brown arm on one of the chair’s arms as you shifted your position making your legs dangle on to the other as your other arm rested on your bulging belly. 

I let my eyes wonder around the room some more. I refuse to look at you. 

In my peripheral vision, you shifted again. This time your red dress slipped a little farther up your big thighs. I tried to glue my eyes at one part of the wall. I refuse to look at you. 

“Huh, I don’t need to know what you’re going to say. I just wanted to know what made you go here considering what happened two months ago.” You’r voice, an echo in this bare room. If I close my eyes and concentrate hard enough I can make you disappear. 

But this time, I locked eyes with you. Anger and a little bit of pity was surely evident on your lovely face now contorted to a face of a monster. Your eyes mirrored mine. Except that yours were coated in anger and mine was shrouded in denial and disbelief. 

You saw these emotions. Bared teeth greeted me as you stood up and lunged yourself at me. 

“You bitch.” You said.