I don’t even know how to start. 

I just want to let it out.

This big news.

I passed FA3.


(Sorry sir Baylon. I “accidentally” slapped your arm. Mehehe. Too much excitement I guess.)



I’m not talking about any academic related award here just so we’re clear (Oh but I really really really wished I could just rant on any academic award but meeeeh insert sad face here).

The ‘Liebster Award’ is an award which can be given to bloggers with under 200 followers so get them in contact with other bloggers and know in the blogging community. After completing this post, I will be informing those who I wish to nominate for this award, so the rules will be posted below for everyone to see.


•List 11 facts about yourself
•Answer 11 questions that’s given by the one who nominated you.
•Create 11 new questions
•List some bloggers under the 200 followers and tag them in your post and let them know!


(Definition and rules copy pasted from my friend’s blog. Sorry.)

Firstly before I begin I would like to give a massive hello along with a hug to one of my friends who incidentally nominated me and therefore started all this, hey Glaire!

11 little known facts about me

1. I love cooking. It all started when my mother talked me into cooking some hot dogs because she was busy taking care of my other siblings. I remember that I was about 11 or 12 at that time. Or maybe not. Sheesh. Memory gap. Anyway, all I know is that I was young at that time. So there it was the pan with steaming hot cooking oil in it and for some reason I was holding a plate of thawed hot dogs. With that thought in mind plus the fact that I was a scaredy cat (and still am by the way), well let’s just say I aim good.  

2. Walking around is something I love doing whenever I have a lot of free time. Though it doesn’t really show on my body which sucks. 

3. I am proud of my ever growing book collections. Plus ebooks.

4. I write when I’m bored. Mostly romance though from platonic love to hot and steamy somethings. Whew. But I don’t normally post my works. Hardly anybody reads them anyway. 

5. I love vintage things! 

6. I hardly throw anything which therefore makes my room a mess. If you could see my closet, handouts(the surviving ones anyway) since high school until recent ones in college plus some old perfume bottles, gifts from friends(including the cards) take most of the space. 

7. I’m always thirsty. Even at the wee hours of the night I’d wake up just to drink some water. And then pee afterwards. It’s a tiring routine. I hope it stops. 

8. Stranger danger. I don’t always talk to people I don’t know even to some I recently met. 

10. I hate speaking in front of an audience.

11. I’m a comedic genius. Haha. That was a joke. Laugh. 


My answers to Glaire’s questions:

1. Can you describe yourself in one word?

Done. I’m done with everything. You know that feeling when you’re utterly finished with the world. That numb feeling, although highly dangerous when thought of in a negative way, can be used as a catalyst to do something good. That’s my opinion anyway. 

2. What are you most grateful for?

I’m grateful for all the little opportunities I get. 

3. Do you have a pet?

Yes. A two year old doggy named Malec. 

4. What’s your favorite book? Why?

Oh God. This. Question. It’s so hard to give an answer right on the spot. I have tons of books and I love them all. But if I really have to choose I guess it would be anything by David Leviathan. That guy is good. He pulls on my heartstrings unlike any author. Charottera. Haha. 

5. What are the five items you can’t live without?

Can all five items be books? But then again, I have no idea what those five books are! Geez. I’m a mess. 

6. Would you rather run 20 miles or swim 5 miles?

I’d rather run. 

7. Do you collect anything?

Yes. Old papers full of memories from my high school days up to the overly dramatic handouts during college. I guess it’s not about collecting. I just don’t throw anything. Does that count?

8. When I say ‘childhood’ where does your mind take you?

It takes me back to my memories in our old house-our first house in Naga. Ah. Fun times.

9. Are you a negative or a positive person?

Positively a negative.

10. What is one thing that you dislike about you?

The fact that I can justify anything I do even if it’s wrong. Hey this would make me a great lawyer someday. 

11. Who’s your top 3 fave actresses?

Jennifer Lawrence, Anna Kendrick, and of course Rebel Williams.


As for my questions

1. What is that one quote that inspires you every single day?

2. What is the weirdest thing you ate?

3. Guilty pleasure?

4. What’s your favorite book? Why?

5. Favorite movie?

6. Do you have any phobia? What are they?

7. Biggest turnoffs/ons?

8. Do you speak another language?

9. Any tattoos? If none, would like to have one?

10. Any celebrity crush?

11. What’s the meanest thing you’ve ever done?

For my nominees

Charlotte Hoather

Marissa Riback



Hope you guys have fun. 🙂