Fangirl Overload

I knew I shouldn’t read more than usual today but It’s summer so why not right?


I knew that I shouldn’t listen to myself when it comes to something like that. Now, I’m sitting/lying on my bed holding my phone and trying to keep my eyes open and read. Damn, I found myself a favorite author. To top it all off, she was not a published author and that’s not a bad thing. On the contrary, I find it very inspiring and amazing. She was really really really good (well, based on the series I finished recently). I kept on fangirling so hard and my emotions are in turmoil all the time. Yep, that’s a good sign.

It all started when I was unintentionally looking for some light reading. Just a few chapters, a dash of romcom, and preferrably gay. I kept on searching for a while then I landed on rotXinXpieces’s profile. I was intrigued. A mix of Greek mythology and erotic romance. That was an even better read than what I was hoping for. I was up for a good and satisfying read. The butterflies in my stomach agreed to that. However, what I didn’t sign up for was the major feels after every book in the series.

I’m still craving for more though.


Driving Day 1

Well this is interesting.

After almost 3 months of hiatus, I finally took my car out from its cage. I was expecting a few applause, pats on the back, and whoops of congratulations. But hey it was 5:30 in the morning and most of my siblings were still asleep. However, I did manage to convince one to ride shotgun and basically try to keep me sane while I drive.

So I started at about 6am. During the 30 minutes that I was in the car, the first thing that I did was stare at the steering wheel then the key whole-trying to figure out what to do.

Ding! Slap in the face. Duh. Key. Ignition. Makes sense. 25 more minutes of spacing out a bit and trying to recall what my dad has taught me so far then I was good to go.

Today I started with going round and round the streets near my home. I was sweating buckets by the end of it. Halfway through the whole thing my mind was blank. I know it’s a bad habit. I could get an accident. Scratch that. It’s a fact. Five more minutes left till my hour was up and…I accidentally….run over…a puppy…. It’s mother was barking at me then trying to revive her child alternately. Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry puppy! But in my defense, I was going slow. Like a pedicab driver could literally overtake me. Ahuhuhu.


This game is so frustrating! Sure I wasn’t paying much attention to it before but when I got into the hype I just…just.. *sobs*

Make it stop. I want to stop playing but I can’t!