No casualties

Yesterday was the first time I brought the car to the uni. I could only think of one word to describe it: amazing. O.O I can’t write anymore. All I say is that I am so glad that I can go back and forth with no problem.


I thought you were the nicest guy in the room. Whenever someone would look at you they’ll feel at ease in an instant. You’re easy go lucky attitude earns you so many friends in a course of maybe a little over a month. Being smart comes easy to you so I have no doubts why you are one of the super ludicrious bitches who thinks so highly of themselves. Even if you were like that, being humble was never a problem.

Yeah but after two years you started to change.

Gone was the guy I look up to because of his humility. The friend that I had made during my freshmen year in college is no where to be seen. Instead, someone who won’t even acknowledge you or look directly to your eyes is what you had become.

Four bitchslaps for you, guy. Urgh. So what if I’m not cute like my other friends?! That’s not an excuse to ignore me.

Another blog!

Yes you read that right! I’m going to make another blog. That one would be filled with my stories. Why can’t I just post them on wattpad? I have no idea. Haha. Why can’t I post them here? I have no idea either.

But I do hope that it will be a success (meaning, I can update on it from time to time).

This has been an update.