Wish me luck. I hope I won’t regret this.


New friends?

Here’s the thing. I don’t have many friends. A few real ones would always clog my day with endless thoughts(happy or otherwise), comedic adventures and ideas and so much more. I could only count them on one hand.

So few.

But whatever, right? At least they’re real and I could always count on them. Yep. Consider myself as lucky and whatnot.


I can’t help but want more friends. A little addition to a selected few couldn’t hurt so bad.

I did try though. Making friends. I guess it wasn’t just my thing. Here goes.

My friend since high school started telling me stories about her friend (A). From what I can tell, A and I could be destined friends(urgh. Cheesy I know so just shut up). So yeah highschool friend talked and talked about how A could be like this and like that and I found myself hanging at her every word.

Could you blame me though? I mean, this was like an opened door for me. A chance to finally have someone I can fangirl to death with.

So I plucked up all the courage that I could muster and told my high school friend that I’d like to meet A. She gladly agreed.

Here comes the fated moment when I’ll finally meet her. I was nervous as fuck. Never mind that I still had an exam later. Never mind that I hadn’t taken my studying seriously. Fuck that. I need to improve my social life.

High school friend texted me to meet them in the cafeteria. By them, she meant two more friends of hers. Gulping as timidly as I could, I agreed to go. Who am I to make them wait right? So there I was-walking towards their table. If fate wasn’t evil enough, I swore I could have screamed right then and there. Afore mentioned A was a member of ALA(my former org), the two friends were my ex-friend #2’s closest and most dearest friends.

Sounds like something you could get from a YA novel.

However, I found out that it was all fine. I was the one thinking of panicky thoughts and sarcastic comebacks and mean gestures. For a person who doesn’t care much, I’m really sensitive. They were so nice to me (But, I have no idea if it was just some form of formality and I don’t want to think about that). We talked much about anime and ships (none of them ships AoKaga. They’re missing out on so much..angst). I managed to give them a copy of all my latest drool worthy pictures on my phone. To day the least, I was glad to meet them, to get to know them even if I was still nervous as a kid in a principal’s office. I wish I could meet them again so that I could finally calm my nerves.

Are we all like best friends now? I wish