I think I’m in looooove again


Pet Peeve

Holy shit.

One sure way to get me pissed is if you start messing with my schedule. Dude let me remind you that you set a schedule for a reason.

Fucking great. I would be late. Or worse, absent! Fuck!!!

Oh fucking great. I’ll be absent shit.

Fucking shit. Fucking hell.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

Live and Love

I don’t know if I should hate or love this year but I decided to live it. So many things has happened last year that I am more than willing to forget starting from a situation that changed our lives till feeling its consequences.


If I do that, I wouldn’t be as open to it as I am now. If my perspective on things didn’t change, I could easily go on a rampage and rebel as if hell was my personal palace making me afraid of completely nothing. For that I am thankful in a way.

Plus, 2015 is not completely a bad year for me. 🙂 There are some bumps along the way sure but there are also people who helped me get through it all…even if they unconsciously do it.

“It’s the little things you do that make me look forward to tomorrow.”