In times of great need I miss my drinking buddy. Shoutout to her!!


I’m not a car person. I’m not really an anything person. I usually don’t know about anything unless it’s a general knowledge.

But anyway, back to my car. There’s this bitch that don’t know how to avoid cars. Let me emphasize the word AVOID. I mean, miss, if you want to get run over so much I can help you. I’ll be so fucking glad to run you over again and again and again and again. No matter how long it will take and no matter many times I have to fill up my gas. 🙂

You’re probably confused now. Haha. I just have to let that rant out.

Looking at it in hindsight, I might have over reacted a bit. Okay maybe a whole lot. Haha. Um anyway, so here I was going to make a turn where this bitch wouldn’t let me through. Oh you heard that right. Little miss bitchy with an attitude won’t let pass a CAR. She was hogging the damn space for herself. Smack-dabbed in the middle of it!

I couldn’t just honked like a mad goose and scream like a little girl.

What did I do?

I drove on. But remember this miss brown leatherbag and miss white t-shirt. I WILL run you over.

Happy Valentines day my Valentino! I miss you.
I have come to the realization that I am so much in love with you and it’s too late. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. Maybe things would be so much different than they are now. Maybe we could have worked things out.

I miss you.