You don’t have to read this. It’s my blog anyway. I might sound whiny and like a baby and believe me I’m doing nothing but have mini tantrums in my head. People around me don’t know that I’m getting worse. My anxiety is at its limit. I’ve come to the point that I hate being in a room full of people (har har jokes on me I’m still reviewing boohoo). 

I didn’t want to be this way. Heck, who would? Who would want to bow their head everytime people would be near? Honestly, I’m going to break my neck at this point. As each day pass I’m getting more and more unsocial to the point where my seatmates try to initiate conversations but it would always end in dead air. 

On the brightside, no one bothers me so I think that’s good. This is how I welcome 2017 with a bang. 


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